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Like me, you may suffer or have suffered from cystic chronic acne that simply does not go away.  We invite you to share your story and any tips you may have to enrich our members to be acne-free so we can all experience healthier and happier lives.  Here are examples of posts or information you may want to share:

  • Your life story - we want to learn about what makes you, you.  Every person has a beautiful story to be shared no matter how difficult it has been.  This all plays into your "acne story" - environmental, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual factors that have influenced your life and physical well-being.
  • Next, we want to learn about the supplements, topical treatments, natural remedies, diets, medication and any other remedies that you have forgone to heal your acne.
  • What you are currently doing and how it is going.
  • Questions about how we as a community can help.
  • Research into the latest trends and what is working with real people
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